Social Ink offers a variety of services to fit your needs. You, as the client are our number one priority. Let us help you write.


Grant Writing & Management 
Grant Compliance & Evaluation
Strategic Planning & Program Design
Donor & Media Outreach
Partnership Research & Development
and much more!!

Do we write grants?

Yes, and in the process of writing grants, we find that our clients oftentimes need MORE.  In determining what grants to write, we look at strategic plans (and write/update them), board initiatives (and write them), individual donor initiatives (and write to them), community partnerships (and create them), and HOW to communicate what you do to all of your stakeholders (and write that outreach).  Once a grant is awarded, we follow through on the process, creating press releases, as well as writing the grant reports.

What makes Rebecca an effective writer?

Rebecca is not just an artful writer who uses business and emotions to match the ask, she is initiative-driven and is not afraid to say when there should be a different approach.  Grant writing is a nuanced skill that combines a grant STRATEGY with analytical and personable writing.  Rebecca also understands how to use historical and future DATA to substantiate outcomes in proposals.  Rebecca is able to communicate subsequent community IMPACT with evocative storytelling skills.

What makes Rebecca different than other grant writers?

Grants can be a big undertaking.  Rebecca is able to build effective and duplicable systems that avoid bottle-necking.  Most importantly, Rebecca has the ability to build a lasting relationship with your team and tap into their institutional knowledge and institutional goals.  Rebecca is also able to build relationships with grantors and then align submissions to that reality.

A funding proposal is a request for partnership.
A funding proposal is a type of advocacy.
A funding proposal is an argument for change.